Effective Ways to Win as a Bandar Ceme 99

Effective Ways to Win as a Bandar Ceme 99 – In a game, there is no exception in the game of ceme, of course there is a strategy that must be done. For players who still believe that all games can be won based only on luck, you should start throwing away such thoughts because games can be won in certain ways. There are things that affect victory and defeat in playing ceme. This can come from the site used, the Bandar Ceme 99 itself, or anything else that will be discussed one by one here.

Bandar Ceme 99

Effective Ways to Win as a Bandar Ceme 99

Especially in this article, I will discuss how to play as a Bandar Ceme 99 only. Unlike the domino game qq, in gambling ceme, a dealer can remain seated as a bookie until he decides to stand up. Then there will be no turnover until the game is declared to end or the dealer himself decides to stop being a dealer. So, keep in mind that being a dealer in a game of ceme will provide its own advantages and disadvantages that are very different from the position of ordinary players. The players in the ceme game will fight one person, the bookie. While the bandar, on the other hand, will fight a number of players on one table.

Bandar Ceme 99

What needs to be considered in playing ceme when choosing the position of the dealer is of course to prepare sufficient capital. In order to get a position as a dealer, there is a minimum of chips that must be taken to become a dealer. Because later a dealer will face all the players in one table, of course a lot of chips is needed for that because for each defeat, a dealer will pay a number of people who are there. And if the dealer ceme loses the value of a player who reaches number 9, the dealer is required to pay twice as much.

Next, try not to be a bookie at the game table with many players. This is to avoid a losing streak. Especially if the capital owned is not that much. Try to become a bandar dealer at the minimum game table for players. This naturally reduces the number of opponents on the game table. In addition, try to pay attention to the pattern of victory in the game. Because, like in other online gambling games, ceme games also have a winning pattern that can be followed. So, when you enter a round that will benefit, you can place a high bet. Even so, this also needs to be done by going through the trial and error stage.

In addition, it’s good before becoming a dealer, try to play as a player and play it safe. Just observe the pattern of game play on the website you are visiting because each website gives different results even if you play the same way. This is intended so that later when playing as a Bandar Ceme 99 can find out whether the website can promise victory or not. It’s a good idea to try several sites and see if the game ceme on the site is fair and profitable or not. If not, there are still many choices that are not limited so don’t be afraid to move to other game providers. Some websites will only drain the money of the players. Of course that’s not the thing we want. In essence, of course there you have to have a mature calculation because a game is not just playing games if you want to be won seriously.

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Secret How to Win Bandar 99 Ceme Online

Secret How to Win Bandar 99 Ceme Online – Gambling ceme is a gambling game between Dealers and popular players. The game starts sparked earlier this year gave a different sensation for bettor because of the fact that the creator
a successful gambling game for a game that is very likely bettor to become a Dealer. Therefore This game is said to be a Bandar Ceme gambling game.

Secret How to Win Bandar 99 Ceme Online

99 Ceme

Playing ceme gambling can be played up to 8 players with one of them doing an action become a Dealer. This type of game is certainly very exciting to try. Gambling 99 Ceme at online casino and take action to become a Dealer, of course all bettors want to try it. So how do you win in the online gambling game? in below are some guidelines that you can apply throughout playing the gambling game on line.

Here is the Bandar 99 Ceme Online Playing Tricks:

1. Read the Opponent Game
The big opportunity for you to join in the gambling table is there is a Bandar who acts city. Either the original Bandar or the bettor is sitting as a Bandar. Also watch consecutive winners. Is it a player or  Bandar. If the player has won 3 times in a row then try to sit on the right side of the Bandar number 2. Chance to win is 80%.

2. Winners of Consecutive Games
If you run for 3 times in a row only get a number below 5, don’t worry. Thing it is general. But when you get 2 x above 7, as soon as you do a full bed because of it maybe your 3rd game will also get a cue or minimum card 8. Chance victory can reach 90%.

3. Pay attention to the Bandar Card and the Opponent
In the game of gambling, except to pay attention to the city card (if you act as a player) You must also pay attention to different player cards. Never be fooled by a city card because the Bandar is also a bettor like you. Try to watch the cards have players on the side your left and right. If anyone gets 2 balak cards, then you can buy jackpots as well switch to an empty place.

4. Current Internet Connection Without Lag
This is one aspect especially in other gambling and gambling games. Internet connection the maximum must be able to get a very good opportunity. Although playing gambling with Android mobile phones must have connection must also be  aintained. Try to subscribe to fast internet and not cheap. Capital is small but quick access will not disturb your comfort
in playing gambling games online on the internet.

5. Pay attention to the potential of your luck
The next method that can be considered is about your luck potential or opportunity. Well some of this is by doing a number of things mentioned in the points above that is. but then to find out your luck, then the next thing you have to do do is try to bet from the small nominal first.

6. Playing with sufficient capital
In betting the position of the dealer in this bandarq game, you are required to be able to have capital qualified and sufficient. If your capital is insufficient, then you cannot play again if you lost in the intended game. please use the right capital and make sure also manage capital properly.

Some guides that can be used to win the Bandar Ceme gambling game on the internet. After it’s up to you to join now or later. It is recommended to immediately join because of the opportunity many will also be missed if you don’t join immediately.

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Tricks for Winning Ceme 99 Online

Tricks for Winning Ceme 99 Online – For those of you who are hobbies playing Bandar Ceme, let’s listen to the following article about the Powerful Tricks to Win Playing Bandar Ceme. If you are indeed an online gambling player, maybe
I’ve tried a number of online poker game servers.

Tricks for Winning Ceme 99 Online

Ceme 99 Online

Basically though Bandar Ceme and ceme are 2 similar games, but there are a few differences in terms of how to play it. In the city ceme game, 1 person who sits as a dealer will continue to be bandar until the player decides to stand / stand up. While in the Bandar Ceme game, players can take turns to become bookies. Powerful tricks to win playing Bandar Ceme 99 Online.

Ceme 99 Online

In the Bandar Ceme game, there is a minimum to become a dealer. And as long as you bring in more than a minimum dealer chip, then you have the right to become a dealer. There later you will face another player sit at a table with you. In bandar ceme games, dealer can first open a card, but in Bandar Ceme games, dealer will always always be the last to open the card.
Each player will get 2 dominoes each. You must know how to calculate the value of your card. Although later the card will be automatically calculated by the server. At least you need to know the basis of this game. See the example image above. Count the circles on each of the 2 cards. If the calculation exceeds the number 9, only the value behind is taken.

Example if your card is 10 + 11, the total value of the circle is 21. Then your card will be worth 1.
A card worth 0 is the lowest card, and a card worth 9 is the highest card. Understand the difference if you become a BANDAR and become a PLAYER. When you become a dealer, then if you get the same card
with other players’ cards, you will be the winner. But here what you need to pay attention to is, when you sit as a Bandar, you will face off not just one player.

Each player also has his own bet value that you cannot specify. For that, prepare yourself, if you lose then you will lose more chips. And pay attention here, if the player gets card 9 and the city card below 9, the MUST MUST pay 2x the value of the player’s bet.

After knowing how to calculate card values ​​in the Bandar Ceme 99 Online game, and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of being a BANDAR in this game, if you still decide to play to become a Bandar, then
read the tricks of winning the following Bandar Ceme.

Try to find a table with not too many players. So that if the player places a big bet, and your card doesn’t support, then you won’t lose much. The dealer in the Bandar Ceme game will spin and take turns, so take advantage of the opportunity when you become a player against the next bookie. If when you become a bad card dealer and lose to another player, try multiplying (x2) your bet. If at the moment (x2) You are still losing too, try (x3) your bet, up to (x5). So in this calculation you should get a victory in excess of the value you have spent. Remember for these tips, you need to have a chip in not small amounts. So if your capital is mediocre, my advice should you choose to play PLAYER only.

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How To Play Ceme Online

How To Play Ceme Online

This tutorial will explain how to play Domino Dealer or called CEME in Southeast Asia, because you can play as a player or dealer. This game is almost similar to QQ. The difference is that Domino QQ uses 4 dominoes but Ceme games only use 2 Domino cards. How To Play Ceme Online.

1- Understanding dominoes

There are a total of 28 dominoes in each round of the game. The easiest way to remember all cards is to group them into 7 series of card types as below:

0 (zero) points, a total of 7 cards and each card has an empty part on the top or bottom side. Here are the cards:

1 (one) point, a total of 6 cards and each card has one big point on the top or bottom side. Here are the cards:

2 (two) points, a total of 5 cards and each card has two points on the top or bottom side.

3 (three) points, a total of 4 cards and each card has three points on the top or bottom side.

4 (four) points, a total of 3 cards and each card has four points on the top or bottom side.

5 (five) points, a total of 2 cards and each card has five points on the top or bottom side.

6 (six) points, only 1 card has six points on the top or bottom side.

Ceme Online Card distribution

The Ceme game is played by 2 to 8 players (black seats) and one player acts as a dealer (Red Chair). If no one acts as a dealer, the game will not start until someone becomes a dealer.

Peek at the card

After the player gets two cards, the player is given the opportunity to peek at the cards obtained. After finishing peeping, the player must open the card on the table.

Adu Kartu (Show Down)

After all players and dealers open cards on the table, calculations are made between the dealer card and the player’s card. Higher value, win.

Don’t know who won? See the explanation below.How to calculate the winner of the Ceme Card

To find out the count in this game, just count the number of points on each card on the left and add it to the total point on the right.

Remember the highest value is 9. If the result is more than 10, 20, or 30, the number taken is the number of the last digit of the result. Here is an example of how to count cards:

0 + 4 = 4 8 + 2 = 10 6 + 6 = 12 10 + 11 = 21
Results = 4 Results = 0 Results = 2 Results = 1
Determine the winner

In Ceme, the winner is determined by the highest score. See the example below for a detailed explanation. In this example, the player will be marked with a blue box and the dealer with a red box:

Ceme Online

Winning Players

If the number of player cards is greater than the dealer, the dealer will pay the player’s bet amount.

Dealer wins

When the number of dealer cards is greater than the player, the dealer will take the betting money from the player.

Series – Dealers Win

The dealer always wins if he gets the same value as the player.

Card Q – Players Win

Players who have a 9 Card, the dealer must pay twice the value of the player’s bet.

Card Q – Dealer wins

Dealers who have 9 cards, the dealer takes all bets even though the player has a higher value.

Special Card for Ceme Online Jackpot

Special Ceme cards only apply to Jackpots. Because the special card must be 4 cards in order to win the jackpot, the winning combination is the dealer card and the player card.

If you are a dealer and want to get a jackpot, you have to buy a jackpot for each player (including yourself). Give you more opportunities to win more than one Jackpot.

If you are a player, you only need to buy a Jackpot for yourself.

Note: if a card that appears between the player and the dealer matches one of the special cards below, the jackpot will be given to the player or dealer who bought the jackpot for that round.

1 – Six Gods (6666)

Only 4 of the 28 dominoes have six points on it. Players and dealers must have this card combination.

2 – Twin Series

The upper and lower sides have the same number of points including blanks. Players and dealers must have this card combination.

3 – Big Pure

Third place on a special card. If you have a total point between 39 and 43, you have

Pure Big Cards, there are no more players who have the same big card. Players and dealers must have this card combination.

4 – Small Pure

Fourth place from a special card. If you have a total point between 5 and 9, your card is a Pure Small Card. No other player has a card like this. Players and dealers must have this card combination.

Now, you can start playing! Good luck and have fun !!

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Winning Jackpot Bandar Ceme Online is Easy

Winning Jackpot Bandar Ceme Online is Easy

One of the reason of Playing Bandar Ceme is the easiest winning Jackpot on Bandar Ceme Online. Ceme Multi Jackpot system can be buy with only 50 rupiah. The fun fact, to winning the jackpot, you need to have a perfect combination with beetwen the Player and the Dealer. Winning Jackpot Bandar Ceme Online is Easy.

Winning Jackpot Bandar Ceme is Easy

Bandar Ceme Online

The jackpot can only be purchased at the beginning before the period runs and if successful, you can see in the lower left or upper left there will be a notification that your jackpot has been successfully purchased.

If you buy a jackpot in the middle of the game then jackpot purchases will apply for the next period.

The jackpot is seen from the combined cards of players with bandars cards. The dealer must buy as many jackpots as the number of players sitting. For example, if there are 3 players sitting in play, and the dealer decides to buy a Rp. 1,000 jackpot, then in that period the dealer will buy a jackpot of 3x Rp. 1,000 = Rp. 3,000.

The jackpot is not a must to buy, but we provide an additional feature for the beloved member.

There are three choices of jackpot prices that you can buy, namely: 100 ,500 and 1000 rupiah.

This is those jackpot combination for bandar ceme online :

  1. Pure Small (Murni Kecil) x 50 jackpot price you buy.
    (example: you buy 1000 then: 1000 X 50 = 50,000)
  2. Pure Big (Murni Besar) x 50 jackpot price you buy
    (example: you buy 1000 then: 1000 X 50 = 50,000)
  3. RACING (Balak) x 200 jackpot prices that you buy
    (example: you buy 1000 then: 1000 X 200 = 200,000)
  4. SIX GOD (6 Dewa) x 6666 jackpot prices that you buy
    (example: you buy 1000 then: 1000 X 6666 = 6,666,000)

People tend to like playing without buying a jackpot because they think it’s not easy to win the Jackpot. In fact, Bandar Ceme has a very easiest for win. Don’t be worry, you can buy from the minimum price only for try first.

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Generating Much Money in Bandar Ceme

Generating Much Money in Bandar Ceme

For those who like to play gambling and think that it’ll cost a lot to go overboard to find a casino or other place to play gamble with other people, there’s an option for you that is also good and save more money. You don’t need to spend your money to buy a tickets, and you don’t even need to go out from your house. You can generate much money in Bandar Ceme Online which is very nice that you can play at home, feel free anytime you want to play. You just need an mobile phone or computer, and you can choose 1 of them to play. And you don’t even need to bring a lot of money because it only cost you 15.000 rupiah for minimum deposit.

Generating Much Money in Bandar Ceme

Bandar Ceme Online

As you can see from the picture above, there will be minimum 2 – 8  players on 1 setting table for bandar ceme game. And in this game there will be 1 Bandar or Dealer who will bet agains all the players.

If you confuse to see what is the different between become a Dealer and Player in this game, lete me discribe it for you. If you choose to be a Dealer, you have some benefits which is : Dealer will always win if they have the same card with player. But also, you will have a disadvantage as a Dealer which is : Bandar or Dealer will pay double if they lose and the player have 9 card on hand.

You can can choose which one is suit you better. As all of role you take on Bandar Ceme Online have their own advantage and disadvantage. The best things from this game is you can also win a Jackpot with a very small amount of Buy Jackpot.

I can tell you that if you try Bandar Ceme once, you will be addicted because it  is  a very interesting game, and you don’t need a lot of skill to play this game.

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