Minimize Risk of Losing in Bandar Ceme

If you are one of those people who lose more than winning in online gaming, maybe this article is good for you. So first of all, let me introduce you to one of the most famous online card gaming in Indonesia called bandar ceme online. This is a kind of game that using domino card, but have a different way to play. In this game, you will have only 2 cards, meanwhile in domino each person will have 4 cards. And in bandar ceme you will see 1 person be a Bandar or Dealer. This role will compete agains all other players who play on that table. This time let me tell you how to Minimize Risk of Losing in Bandar Ceme.

bandar ceme online

Minimize Risk of Losing in Bandar Ceme

In my opinion, the higher risk you take, the more you can gain. But of course this is not good for you who only have a small bank role. That’s why I will tell you a secret to Minimize Risk of Losing in Bandar Ceme.

  1. Think twice if you want to seat as a Dealer. This have a very high risk to losing money, eventhough also you can earn more if you are lucky. Being a Dealer, you can not choose how much money you want to bet. Meanwhile as a player, you can pick your own bet as your feelings.
  2. Seat as a Player and be patient. Don’t put too much on your bet, be patient and watch the card circulation. If you see and feel that you have a good luck, so go ahead and play your bet. But if you feel your cards is not good, leave that table and find your better table.
  3. Start from minimum bet. If you have a bad card for a few moments, and you see that the Dealer have a good card, especially 9, you can bet double or triple after that. Because usually, after have a 9 card, they will have a very small card.


So that’s all I can share with you guys, hope this will help, and have a good luck.

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