Domino Gaple Game

You must be quite familiar with this one game. Domino Gaple which is also played using dominoes is indeed common to be played especially in Indonesia. How to play domino gaple that is easy to understand makes this game crowded both young and old. Domino Gaple is generally often played while gathering with friends because this game is also very fun to play together.

Although how to play domino gaple is quite easy, but to win it is not that easy. But don’t worry because there are trick playing tricks that can increase your winning percentage in this game. Want to know how? Read on this article.

Complete Guide to Playing Gaple and Tips & Tricks to Play Gaple to Win
In once or twice seeing the course of this game you might be able to immediately understand it. But to make sure you really understand all the rules in this game then we will explain how to play domino gaple. Below are the guidelines for playing Gaple that you must understand before listening to the tricks to play Gaple.

Guide to How to Play Domino Gaple

Gaple games are played using dominos, where 1 set of dominos consists of 28 cards. Gaple can generally be played with up to 4 players, meaning each player will receive 7 dominoes. The player consecutively discards the card at the table, the first player whose card is finished the winner. But to discard the cards also cannot be arbitrary, you must pay attention to the value / point on your card. The value on one side of your card must be the same as the one at the very end on the table. Consider the example in the following image:

domino gaple

Because the end card on the table is worth 5 or 1, you can only discard cards that have that value.

I guess that’s how to play gaple. Besides that, you also need to know the rules of the game, these rules are as follows:

Rules of the Domino Gaple Game

The maximum gaple game can only be played by 4 people.
Each player gets 7 cards each with a random value.
The first person whose card runs out will be the winner.
For the next round, the player who wins the previous game has the right to discard the card first.
If a player gets more than 5 cards (both sides have the same value) then the game is repeated. Because the player is definitely not going to win which is considered unfair so the game must be repeated.
If you don’t have a card that can be discarded, you can pass.
If the game cannot be resumed (no player cards can be discarded anymore) then it will be called gapleh. To determine the winner if there is a gap, we must look at the value on the remaining cards. The player with the smallest card value compared to other players will be the winner.
However, if you only have a CARD of 0 when the gap occurs, your card will be worth 25. But if you still have a card which has one side of the value of 0, then Cache 0 will still be worth 0.
That’s more or less how to play gaple and the rules that are in it. After knowing how to play you might be curious about the gaple playing tips that we will soon give. Here we provide tricks to play professional gaple.

Tips & Tricks for Main Domino Gaple Professional

Many players are originally careless in throwing a gaple card, as long as there are numbers that match then immediately discarded. Though it is very fatal and can make you who should be able to win the game turned around to lose. If you are interested in this game then you must know the tricks of playing professional gaple to win the gaple game with certainty. This is different from ceme online game.

If you fight a player who doesn’t know the trick to playing this gaple, we guarantee that you can easily defeat them. Here are the tricks in playing professionally proven gaple:

Observe the card you have
In the beginning of the gaple game, each player will be distributed 7 pieces of different dominoes randomly. If at that time you get about 5 cards with the same number then you have a high chance of winning. Example 5 cards with one side having the number 1 as follows (1 | 0), (1 | 2), (1 | 5) and (1 | 6). Because if you have 5 card number 1 on one side, the card number 1 only has 2 left. So when number 1 comes out, other players will tend to pass because the cards are mostly in your hand.

But try not to close the card that has these numbers on the table with our own card. Conversely, if you can close the card with the end number 1, then immediately do it. Try to make every card on the table end 1. This is so your opponents can’t throw cards and can only pass. For example like the picture below:

domino gaple

In the example above, the cards on the table have edges 5 and 1. If your position holds a lot of cards with the number 1, then don’t close with the number 1. But try to keep the end with the number 1. Remember well this way, because this is a smart way very effective gaple play.

Prioritizing Throwing Big Cards / Balak

If the card that you get is not like the example above or it is not good then prioritize to discard the big card and log. This is because if there is a gap then you will automatically lose if you still hold a large card. Especially if you have logs of 0, 5 or 6, you must first discard the card. Because in addition to having a large value, log cards will also be difficult to discard.

Although it will be difficult to win the game if your cards are not good, but you still have a chance in gapleh. If you discard all the big cards and log in and only have small cards, the chance of winning the game is greater. Because as has been written on how to play the gaple above, when the player with the smallest number of cards wins. But if it is not possible for a gapleh then you must be careful in choosing a card to discard.

Kill Opponent’s Councils

It has been said above that holding logs of 0, 5 and 6 will be very risky. If you hold the card quickly discard it quickly. Meanwhile, if you do not hold it then turn off the card. Turning off a card means that it cannot be discarded anymore, so that it will continue to be held until it is broken. Because if logs 0, 5 and 6 die then the player holding the card will automatically lose. Getting rid of other competitors will certainly make it easier for you to win.

To kill a log card you must close the card that you want to kill. For example if you want to kill Chain 5 then try to keep the card on the table from ending 5. Or you can also close the card that ends in 5 with another card. This is so other players do not have the opportunity to issue logs. 5. Although this gaple playing technique is quite difficult to do, you still have to try it. Because cards 0, 5 and 6 have a huge impact at the end of the game. The reason why it is difficult to kill an opponent’s card is because to do so there must be cooperation with other players. For example if you keep closing number 6 but other players discard a card that ends in 6 then your efforts are in vain.

Pay attention to cards that have been discarded

This is one way to play gaple which is very important if you want to win. Try to keep an eye on what cards the player has discarded. Because if you know what cards have been discarded, you can find out which cards belong to other players.

The formula for calculating a gaple card is actually quite easy. For example you hold 4 cards that have the number 2 and there are already 3 cards with number 2 on the table. If you discard a card that ends in number 2, all players can only pass. Because you’re the only player who holds cards with the number 2. That way the cards in your hand will run out faster than your competitors. Because they can’t discard any cards and can only wait for you to discard cards other than 2.

That’s the guide to how to play gaple as well as tips & tricks on playing gaple that you should know about. This game is played with dominoes, you can read the origin of dominoes if you are interested in this domino card. This domino card is also used in how to play Domino QQ. That’s all about playing gaple and playing gaple tricks that you can use to beat your friends while playing.

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BandarQ di Situs BandarQQ Online

BandarQ merupakan sebuah nama permainan game kartu yang menggunakan kartu domino. Game ini diracik sedemikian rupa sehingga menjadi berbeda dengan cara bermain domino, dimana sangat nyata dalam kedua games ini berbeda bahkan dari segi jumlah kartu yang dibagikan dan jumlah pemain maksimal di dalam 1 meja.

Dalam permainan bandarQ setiap pemain hanya dibagikan dua buah kartu dimana sebaliknya dalam game domino, setiap pemain dibagikan 4 buah kartu domino. Dan di dalam game bandarq ini maksimal pemain jauh lebih banyak dibandingkan permainan domino, bisa 2 hingga 9 orang pemain duduk di dalam 1 meja, sedangkan dalam permainan domino hanya bisa maksimal 6 orang saja. Hal ini dikarenakan jumlah kartu yang dibagi lebih banyak di game domino sehingga limit pemainnya menjadi lebih sedikit.


Bermain BandarQ di Situs BandarQQ Online

Game bandarq ini sangat seru untuk dimainkan bukan hanya secara langsung namun juga secara online. Tak jarang ditemui saat ini banyak sekali situs judi online yang menyediakan game bandar q dengan beragam-ragam bonus dan keuntungan yang ditawarkan. Game ini menjadi sangat populer di kalangan pemain server pkv atau V atau poker V.

Tak jarang juga orang mencari-cari cheat untuk game ini, id pro, akun pro, akun premiun, dan segala jenis akun yang dipercaya dapat memberikan persentase kemenangan lebih besar dibandingkan dengan akun biasa.

Hal itu disebabkan mungkin banyak pemain yang merasa sulit untuk menang dalam game ini. Sesungguhnya segala jenis permainan apapun itu pasti ada pemenang dan ada yang kalah. Namun disini jumlah pemenang pasti lebih sedikit dibandingkan dengan jumlah pemenang. Sama halnya di dalam game bandarqiu ini. Namun pasti ada cara untuk bisa menang di dalam jenis permainan apapun itu.

Game ini sendiri bukan tergolong game yang rumit, dan tidak membutuhkan kepandaian, ketelitian atau strategi khusus untuk bisa menguasainya. Di dalam game ini yang paling dibutuhkan adalah feeling yang kuat dan keberuntungan yang besar. Karena disini anda tidak akan bisa melihat kartu sebelum memasang taruhan.

Keasikan dalam bermain game bandarq ini selain karena perputaran waktu dalam 1 game sangat cepat, dan juga nilai taruhan yang pasti, tidak ada raise call atau fold di dalam game ini. Sekali anda bertaruh, sudah tidak bisa diubah lagi.

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Bandar Ceme 99 is Indonesian Tradisional Game

A Short History of Bandar Ceme 99 Online

Bandar Ceme 99 Online is a game that uses a yellow generic card measuring 3 * 5 cm in yellow and there are dots that serve as replacements for numbers. This game started from a domino game which was later developed to become simpler and easier. Domino games originated in China which began at the festival in Wulin, formerly better known as the city of HangZhou.

This game was discovered as early as 1120 AD, when a soldier named Hung Ming returned on his way. But there are also those who believe that Keung Tái Kung was the first to create this type of game in the 12th century BC. Domino game is a game that is very popular among the nobles at the time.

Along with the development of technology, domino games then began to spread to the internet and developed into several other games that are very popular with all people.

One type of domino game that has become very popular in recent years is online bookies where this game does not require special expertise from its players.

bandar ceme 99 online

How to Play Bandar Ceme Online

How to play online ceme is almost the same as how to play dominoes, so for domino players it is certainly very easy to master this 99 ceme game. Ceme qiu qiu uses 28 cards, each card has a different value. In this ceme qiu game, each player will be dealt 2 cards. The winner in this 99 game game is the player who has the highest card value. In online game ceme, the highest card value is 9.

bandar ceme online

The fun of this game is the card pyrite feature that is able to open and play cards to see what the value is before the card is opened.

The way to calculate the value of ceme card is to add up the dots in each card.

bandar ceme online

In the example picture above the foam is seen that the first card pair has a value of 8 (1 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 4 + 4) while the second card has a value of 7 with the calculation (1 + 4 + 0 + 2 = 5 + 2)

If the value of the card is more than 9, then the last number will be seen. Example:

bandar ceme online

As shown above, the value of the first card is (0 + 6 + 1 + 5 = 6 + 6 = 12) then the value of the first card pair is 2. Whereas on the second card the value is (2 + 4 + 3 + 3 = 6 + 6 = 12) which is the same as 2.

In this bandar ceme online game there will be one player who acts as a city and sits against all the other players sitting at the table. The dealer here has the advantage that if the dealer and player cards have the same value, the dealer will always win. But there is also a loss that is if the bookie card is lower and the player gets a card value of 9, the bookie must pay 2x the value of the player’s bet.

This game is very populer in Indonesia, because of the easinest to play this game. And this game not need a lot amount of money because the minimum bet for play this game only 2.000 rupiah or around 0.14$ each round.

People like this kind of game because there’s no need to play a strategy like in Poker Game, or any other games that need skill and knowledge about how to play and win in that game. This game is depends on a luck.

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